Ed Miliband in yet another U-turn shocker — January 21, 2012

Ed Miliband in yet another U-turn shocker

It doesn’t take a political genius to work out that Ed Miliband is in a worrying position. The Conservative Party are leading in the polls, despite high unemployment, poor growth figures and in party tensions over the EU. Last week Ed had his 6th relaunch, a statement which itself shows how badly he is doing. The relaunch was supposedly due to the U-turn Labour had decided to make on spending cuts. Ed Balls, who is probably the biggest Keynesian in UK politics (a term I’m quite sure he doesn’t understand) made the brave decision to back the cuts and said that Labour backed the pay freeze. Labour had seemingly accepted austerity and for the first time in 15 years, some realistic economic policies.

But, of course we all know the Labour Party and Ed Miliband. This was never going to last. Today he has announced he wants a bigger public sector. So his U-Turn lasted less than a fortnight. Today we have a U-U-Turn. Back to business as usual. Back to public spending, back to profligacy, back to the wilderness.

Jane Ellison MP hits the nail on the head: “Following all the confusion and posturing surrounding Ed Miliband’s aborted u-turn on Labour’s economic policy at the weekend, he has showed again how he and his party lack any credibility on tacking the deficit.”

Ed Miliband is a clueless leader, falling ever further behind in the polls on the big questions, such as leadership qualities and trust on the economy. He is openly mocked in the papers and on Twitter. The Save Ed campaign (which I jokingly support) mocks Ed, the Conservatives want Ed Miliband to stay in his post until the end of time, he’s one of their best assets. Yet, for the sake of the country, Ed Miliband needs to be replaced. We deserve a credible Opposition, we need a real voice to question if the policies are right, not the whining, policy devoid, yappy we have right now.

Ed’s very sad because of his compulsion to divide and rule, he says its tactic as old as colonialism.