If we need to, we should not be ashamed to intervene in Syria — February 6, 2012

If we need to, we should not be ashamed to intervene in Syria

Over the weekend the fighting in Syria has intensified. The Syrian leader President Bashar al-Assad is openly killing his own people whilst the world watches on. Some have called for a military intervention to protect the lives of the innocent people in Syria. Any such assistance has been questioned, and looks highly unlikely after China and Russia wielded their veto on sanctions on Syria.

The discussion of military intervention has caused a divide between a lot of people I have spoken to. A lot of people claim to be “liberals”, but the word liberal clearly means something different to them, than it does to me.

I believe in freedom. Not just freedom for me, or anybody lucky enough to be born in a “free, liberal society” but for everybody around the world. I think the UK should be leading the way in pushing for an end to the violence and oppression. We have a moral duty to do so. How can we be liberal, and not promote liberalism?

There are plenty of arguments not to get involved. Past interventions haven’t worked out the way people hoped, I admit. But just because we have failed in the past doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and help again.

If their is international intervention then simply replacing Assad is not enough. We must not allow another dictator to take his place. I am not suggesting that the one-size-fits-all democracy that we have in the West is the solution, but we cannot allow this mindless killing to continue.

One thing is for certain; we should not be ashamed to intervene in Syria for humanitarian reasons.