Last week, the British public went to the polls and a shock result propelled David Cameron and the Conservative Party to a 12 seat majority in the House of Commons. For the first time in over 20 years, the Conservatives are governing alone. Let’s look at their priority new policies.

Introduce a “Snooper’s Charter”

Yesterday David Cameron said:

For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone’

He actually said that.

Take a minute to think about what he is saying here. If you obey the laws, the British Government will still come after you if it doesn’t like what you are saying. The plans include allowances for the Metropolitan Police to vet/snoop anybody’s internet communications – regardless if you have broken any laws or not. There’s more detail to be found here.

This is an affront on Civil Liberties and whilst the “I’ve got nothing to hide” brigade weakly relinquish their rights to privacy, the rest of us should fight to protect our rights.

As a CHALLENGE: If you think you’ve got nothing to hide, please feel free to post the past 90 days of your browsing history as a comment below.

Repeal the Human Rights Act

Following on from disagreements over the deportation of Abu Hamza and the wrangle over “prisoner voting”, the Conservative Party has decided it wants to do away with the Human Rights Act and introduce a British Bill of Rights. Can you tell me which of the Human Rights below should be “done away with”? Here’s a summary of misconceptions to help!

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Repeal the ban on Fox Hunting

Admittedly I’m not a huge animal rights activist and maybe I should be, but I don’t believes there is any hypocrisy in despising hunting animals for sport and eating a Sunday Roast.  Fox Hunting is cruel and an unnecessary blood sport in 2015. If the only kick you can get in today’s society is by rounding up blood-hounds to chase foxes on horseback, I worry about you and feel sorry for you. This is exactly the type of policy David Cameron should be avoiding as he continues to attempt to “detoxify” the Tory Party away from the “Rich Nasty Party” cliché.

I wrote about why the Conservative Party was a resting place for liberal voters here – if nothing else, I’m almost glad they’ve re-affirmed this opinion.

For 5 years the Liberal Democrats blocked all of the above, after being punished by the electorate last week their membership has surged by 10,000 new recruits. There’s only one Party who is willing to stand for Liberalism – join the Lib Dem fightback at