The pollsters and commentators got it wrong, horribly wrong. A Conservative majority was unfathomable in the run up to the 7th May 2015, so what happened? The Labour post-mortem is well under way. (here & here). One popular suggestion is the that they massively underestimated the number of “Shy Tories” – natural Conservative voters who were too shy/afraid to admit their voting intentions. As a Liberal Democrat voter in the 2015 Election, I can understand why non-Labour voters didn’t get up on the rooftops and shout, especially given the media coverage and public opinion. But one reason the number of “Shy Tories” went under the radar was the belligerence, the self-righteousness, the arrogance and the mud-slinging on the new Nasty Party, the Labour Party. (Eloquently put over on The Independent too.)

Let’s take a look at some of the comments from my own Social Media timelines over the last 7 days (but could have easily been over the last 5 years).

  • If you vote Tory you are either:; nasty, callous, selfish, heartless or a c*nt.
  • If the Tories win, the public are morons.
  • The Tories have fucked over this country for 99% of us.
  • The NHS won’t be around in 5 years, so I best start saving in case I need a kidney.
  • Rupert Murdoch told the idiots how to vote, so they did – (I mean come on, this is the worst of the self-righteous drivel).

You’ve got to be a brave soul to stick your head above the parapet and argue with people who take such a tone and view the world as black and white. Unfortunately for these people, 37% of the voting electorate has and is entitled to a different opinion to them – it can’t all be doom and gloom.

The Conservatives haven’t got it all right, far from it, this isn’t a defence piece, but if you think the approach Labour voters took was correct, you’ve only yourself to blame.

If Labour voters took a pragmatic approach and candidly discussed the pro’s and con’s of the Conservative Party, rather than sticking the boot in for 5 years, maybe their belligerence wouldn’t have cost them the Election…