The problem with Twitter is that you are in a bubble, you follow like-minded people and the discussions tend to be about the same topics. With this in mind, I’ve avoided Twitter as much as possible this week, as it seems that the majority of tweets are commentating on an episode of “The Thick of It.”

Last week’s budget “gave the rich a tax cut and decreased the pension relief.” On top of that, we had the Cash for Cameron scandal, but what are people and worryingly politicians focusing on? Pasty-gate. A VAT hike on hot pasties.

Ed Miliband genuinely visited a Greggs over the Pasty tax.


The Leader of the Opposition is a man who picks his battles, the problem is he picks tiny, insignificant ones. It’s hard to live in a democracy when the Opposition is led by such an imbecile. He should be focusing on the serious, underlying issues that are plaguing the UK, not jumping from one bandwagon to another.

He should be coming out to renounce the impending fuel strike, but seems as his union paymasters are in favour of it, it seems nearly impossible that he will do so. I wonder if we’ll see another repeat of this howler.

Labour under Ed Miliband are an Opposition of one word. That word is No. They are consistently acting as a roadblock to reform for the sake of it.

Here’s something that some are unwilling to say. The Conservatives have had a terrible March, they are making a hash of things. But does anybody really think Ed Miliband is Prime Minister material? Give me a break.