Today’s car crash interview on BBC Radio 5 Live was just the latest domino in a sequence of embarrassing, cringe-worthy moments for Ed Miliband’s leadership. How long does this floundering leader realistically have left, if Labour truly want to contest the General Election in 2015?

Charles from Wakefield hits the nail on the head. He calls Ed “unelectable” and says he “lacks gravitas and importance”, as well as suggesting that the country needs “a credible Opposition.”

Today’s speech entitled Made in Britain that he made sums Ed Miliband up. It’s an old, useless, feel good rhetoric that politicians of all creeds have been spouting out for years.

Ed sadly lacks any real innovation. He is weak, opportunistic and out of touch with the gravity of the situation that the economic crisis has left us in. He consistently polls badly, falling behind Nick Clegg in many areas. He is seen as the worst leader and  the person least likely to make tough decisions. People mock him, but even worse, they feel sorry for him.

So, who do they turn to? Unsurprisingly, Labour should turn to David Miliband. They should have elected him leader in the first place, but such is the perverse nature of the Labour Party, the Unions vote ultimately swung the election narrowly Ed’s way. David received more nominations from his fellow MPs (81-63) and then received over 10,000 more votes from Labour Party members.

David is seen as the anti-Christ by the Left of the Labour Party, because he is a Blairite. He would move the Party even nearer to a new centre, consensus that is forming in British Politics. Personally I don’t see a problem with this, people come to a consensus if they agree, if people agree in politics, it’s usually because they are doing something right. I’m not suggesting that David would roll over and let the Government do what it wants, far from it. He clearly had his own ideas in his campaign for Leader of the Labour Party. To me, it seems that he would offer more constructive criticism and engage in real politics, not opportunistic point scoring.

Now I know they’ll be Labour/Ed Miliband supporters who will tell me all Opposition leaders do the same. If that’s the best you can come up with, you need to take a hard look at yourself.