Another week, another silly ruling from the European Court of Human Rights. Famed for their terrible decision on votes for prisoners. This week they have ruled in favour of a known terrorist who supported and propagated 9/11, ensuring that he can stay in Britain instead of being deported to face trial for his crimes. This year the Coalition is proposing an inquiry into the idea of having a British Bill of Human Rights.

The rulings come from unelected judges with a variety of different views and ideological beliefs. David Cameron is heading to the ECHR this week hoping for reform and is threatening to withdraw if he doesn’t receive any concessions. Even with reform, the UK should withdraw from the ECHR. We should set up a British Bill of Rights engrained with rights that are British, not European. The current Human Rights Bill could be used as a model, leaving the ECHR is not the same as abandoning the campaign for human rights. The British Bill of Rights would secure human rights for British people, whilst ensuring that the rights are not twisted in the bizarre, perverse way they currently are now by unelected judges in Strasbourg.

This isn’t about leaving the European Union, the ECHR is separate from the EU. It was in fact originally set up by Britain, and Winston Churchill. But if the Bill no longer stands for sense and sensibility it is time to withdraw. We should be pragmatic on the issue, rather than allowing these injustices to continue.