Round Three.

This is my third attempt at blogging. I’ve done it before on my own, then as a collective. Since then I’ve sporadically had my thoughts published as a guest on numerous different sites. Whilst I am very grateful for the opportunities they gave me I feel its time to start again and go it alone. There seems to have been a bit of a resurgence in blogging, especially in my Twitter feed. So I’m going to give it another crack.

So what to expect? Well, I imagine this blog will be filled with political and social commentary. This might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but if you’ve found yourself here, then you probably know what to expect. In terms of my politics, I class myself as a Liberal, and I am a Conservative voter. I am constantly told that the two cannot mix, but I believe they can. The Conservatives of 2012 have progressed far beyond the “mean, old Tories” that people still remember. I don’t agree with everything this Government is doing, and some of the bits I do agree with are policies from the Liberal Democrats. But that doesn’t mean I’m not a Conservative. I’d like to see the Government take some real radical steps in the future, including (and obviously not limited too) drug legalisation and the introduction of a negative income tax.

Whilst Politics will most likely dominate this blog, there may be articles about Football and Cricket, my two true loves. Anybody who know’s Football knows the bumpy road a West Ham endures over the course of a season – and sometimes these feelings might spill out onto the internet.

Also, expect a lot of exclamation marks! I use too many. I know!